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   March 20, 2007


Truth vs Compassion



His son's team was winning 24-7 as the game entered the last inning. When he looked up at the scoreboard, he noticed that the score read 0-0. Naturally, he inquired as to what happened -- was the scoreboard perhaps broken? -- and was told that the winning team's coach asked the scoreboard keeper to change the score. He and some of the parents were concerned that the boys on the losing team felt humiliated. In order to ensure that the boys losing by a lopsided score would not feel too bad, the score was changed. As is happening throughout America, compassion trumped all other values. Truth was the first value compassion trashed. In the name of compassion, the adults in charge decided to lie. The score was not 0-0; it was 24-7. Compassion and the Decline of America


Roseanne's way Not Lip Service When would you think a publisher might question Roseanne Barr? Q: Do you worry about Buck missing out on socialization because of home-schooling? A: I hate socialization. I'm anti-socialization, and it's all horrible. The Paris Hilton-ization of our daughters is really grotesque and disgusting — and so's the bullying. Besides, I've given more money away than any other person in my position. I was happy to have it and happy to give it, and I still am. I don't want to go to hell. Roseanne Barr: It's Not Just Lip Service



The next time you pop into a colleague's office and he scrambles to shield what's on his computer, you need to run, not walk, directly to the nearest company lawyer. That is because, for the first time, an appellate court held that knowledge of an employee's use of the Internet at work to view pornography imposes a duty upon the company not to look the other way. The numbers are alarming. For 2003, Healthymind.com reports $2.5 billion of the $12 billion domestic sex industry was Internet porn, with 100,000 Web sites offering illegal child pornography. Dirty Duty Brings Civil Liability



Some population segments are notorious church avoiders. Are television evangelists, like Joel Osteen, holding the new records in lieu of regular church attendance, even though Lakewood Church is a mega church? For instance, 47% of political liberals are unchurched, more than twice the percentage found among political conservatives (19%). African Americans were less likely to be unchurched (25%) than were whites (32%) or Hispanics (34%). Asians, however, doubled the national average: 63% were unchurched! Single adults continued a historic pattern of being more likely than married adults to stay away from religious services (37% versus 29%, respectively). Unchurched Population Nears 100 Million in the U.S.
5. Pastor Joel Osteen

Family Concerns



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When I say the word "bacteria," you probably don't think of nutrition; you probably think of something like "ugh...germs and disease." Well, it's true that a lot of bacteria cause harm, but there are also bacteria that are friendly and in fact, you can't live without them. They live in your intestines and they make some vitamins, plus they help keep your immune system strong. Friendly bacteria also use the fiber you can't digest to make short chain fatty acids, which help keep the walls of your intestines functioning like they should. Probiotics

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